Monday, September 14, 2015

some of my fav pictures of the summer

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Zyana Jensena Tijeirna at 30 week due date is March 27th cant wait to meet her...

So I found my pregnancy pictures of the last to kids and it is fun to see the difference.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

With school and being a mom it has been crazy here so my Christmas card have falling though the cracks sorry.. but I made one for everyone...

                                MERRY CHRISTMAS 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

    What is happening in the Tijerina family.

I want back to school i love it, I am going to school to me a Medical Assisting with limited X-ray. I am doing really will in school I love it and I have made so really good friends to. I will graduate in July 2014 I cant wait. 

David loves his new job.

TalieAnn she is having fun in Utah with my family and she is loving it she will be there for the summer. we miss her and love her..

Aries is fun and cute we have been trying to potty train her and it is going good she loves to sit on the toilet and watch TV and she can do that all day I love it.. she love to help out and love playing outside.

Octavius he is crazy he love to mow the lawn and play in water and run around everywhere. it is fun listing to him make tons of noises. he loves to stick his tough out and smile at you and give kisses and hug. 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

did not want to put this up here but this
is me now and not for long I will be half of
me cant wait.

OK so I was thinking I need to say some thing so here I go...

 Tj got a NEW JOB and we hope we and get back on track. He got laid off in January and he got a job at the beginning of march that was OK pay but then he got a call back to a second interview for a better paying job and got that job so he put his two week notice in and will start the new new job on the 18th of March so that is good..

I would Like to THANK everyone for there help and support and prayers. We would not have made it thought with out good friends and family thanks so very much....

Sara: I was sad giving up subbing but with tj new job he will work swing shift so that means i can sub again and help out with paying on thing. I decide to live a better life so I have been eating better and watching my calories and trying to walk more I started this pills that my Dr said will help me and I started them today. I lost 3pounds on my own so that was good I was happy now I have 103 pounds to go. I cant wait to be a healthier me.

 The kids they are doing great:

   Tai loves school she has made some friends here at are new place we live in a manufacturing park and there are tons of kids she love it. She rides the bus to school and loves that. She will be 8 this May and get baptize she cant wait for that..


Aries is getting big and crazy just like her mom oh no I am in big trouble but she is so fun and makes me laugh she is talking a lot and it is fun to lesson to her and watch her play with her brother she loves him soo much..


 Octavius is going to be 1 in April and he is growing like a weed and he is walking everywhere his just seat back and laughs at his sister and he love them too.